Heavy Duty Cable Guide Chains

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AerosUSA supplies heavy duty cable chains, also known as guide chains, for high stress and high wear industrial applications. Our product line of heavy-duty cable chains is used to protect cable and hydraulic hoses that are commonly found in many manufacturing applications including high wear and high stress automated machinery. This highly functional cable chain is constructed with thick walls to hold the cable securely, preventing entanglement and reducing wear and stress on the cable.

We carry PH7, PH10, and PH12 heavy cable chains based on the needs of your unique application. They are manufactured with thick walls designed to handle stress, wear, and extreme movements. The chain is hinged, providing flexibility and the ability to handle horizontal, vertical, rotary, and three-dimensional movement of the cable in continuous motion applications. The guide chains are easy to mount and open manually offering easy access to cables and are loadable across the entire chain width. The high-quality construction ensures long life and superior protection of the cable within the guide chain and is an highly cost-effective solution.

Also offered is the ARAW channel system to support guide chains and prevent overturning and lateral deflection.

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to superior customer service, providing each customer with the heavy-duty cable chain that meets their high stress automated machinery cabling application requirements. We stock an extensive inventory and offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. Call today to see how we can help you.

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