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Conduits for Food & Beverage Industry

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AerosUSA supplies specialized cable protection systems for hygiene-sensitive areas for the U.S. industrial market. Our wire and cable protection products have earned the reputation for high-quality performance, reliability, and durability for even the harshest Food & Beverage environments. These products are used more extensively in many new and retrofit applications where the use of metallic or non-metallic liquid-tight products are necessary.

These Food & Beverage Liquid Tight conduits and fittings meet the highest standards of NSF / ANSI 51.  These standards apply to materials and coatings used to produce items to be in direct contact with food and include the use of protective conduits, pipes and corresponding connectors.  Our specialty food & beverage protective conduits are made of galvanized steel and have a smooth outer PU coating.  The coating is lead-free as per RoHS and has been developed to meet the FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51 requirements of the food & beverage industry.  The fittings are made from stainless steel and designed with smooth surfaces and seals to offer optimal protection against penetration of humidity or solid matter thus offering easy-to-clean features. 

Our Liquid Tight - Food conduits and fittings are used in the following applications and meet the following application requirements:

  • Food & Beverage Environments
  • Hygiene sensitive areas
  • Meat production and packaging plants
  • Bakery production plants
  • Food-packaging plants
  • Meet NSF / ANSI 51 -169 standards
  • Meet FDA CFR 21 standards
  • Awarded ECOLAB certification
  • Food safe and flexible
  • Microbe-resistant
  • Airtight and liquid proof
  • Resistant to detergents and chemicals used in the cleaning process
  • UV resistant
  • Self-extinguishing 

AerosUSA’s product lines provide superior performance in harsh, hazardous, and high production environments. Our conduits are cost-effective and economical, offering reliable and durable performance.

At AerosUSA, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable and committed to superior customer service. We provide quick response, fast delivery, and high quality, high-performance products to solve your wire and cable protection challenges.  Call today to see how we can help you.




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