PA 12F Polyamide Conduit

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These highly flexible conduits are made specially for indoor and outdoor applications and are specially designed for applications requiring frequent reversed bending and continuous motion, e.g.  for robotics.  Internally and externally corrugated PA12 conduit.  Designed for electrical installations and applications on machinery and general-purpose applications acc. to DIN EN 60204.  Also used for static and dynamic applications indoors and outdoors where high alternate bending strength excellent flammability ratings are required.

Color: Gray / Black

Material: Plastic (PA12)

Temperature Range: -40°C up to +100°C, ^ +130°C 


  • high alternate bending strength
  • air- and liquid-tight 
  • oil resistant and benzine resistant 
  • widely resistant to acid and solvents 
  • free of silicone, cadmium, halogen 
  • highly self extinguishing
  • flame retardant UL 94 V2
  • black excellent UV-resistance
  • EN 45545 -2 HL3 for R22/R23

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