Pressure Balance Element

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AerosUSA supplies a full complement of Pressure Balance and Drain Element cable glands from Agro. Our extensive inventory of cable glands includes products designed to provide secure, durable connections and seals between the cable and equipment in electrical, control, instrumentation, data, and telecommunications applications.  This level of security is paramount to maintain the integrity of the application at hand.

Our product line of Nickel Plated Brass, Synthetic and Stainless-Steel Pressure Balance and Drain Element cable glands are available with metric and PG threads.  Other options are available on request.

Whether street lighting, railway vehicles or solar panels, all types of equipment must resist the effects of wind, weather, heat and rain.  This applies to electronic and electrical enclosures also.  Air pressure, temperature and humidity levels are constantly changing.  Many electrical enclosures are sealed against the ingress of water and dust (IP68), but are not vapor tight.  As a result of warming, from either the sun’s radiation or the enclosed electronics, pressure differences develop between the housing and its surrounding environment, which results in the transfer of air from one to the other.  Air drawn into the housing carries moisture, which condenses when the temperature drops below the dew point.  The water, which is now trapped in the enclosure, can lead to corrosion and equipment failures.

To prevent pressure differences, high humidity and condensation of water in the housing, constant balancing of pressure and exchange of air is needed.  The use of pressure balance elements in electrical and electronic enclosures allows efficient pressure balance and ventilation, and if necessary, drainage.

Our Pressure Balance Elements provide:

  • Secure, reliable connections and seals
  • Highest level of protection against dirt, dust, corrosion, oil, grease, liquids, moisture, and gases
  • Reliable performance in high and low temperature environments

Our Pressure Balance Elements are extremely cost-effective, yet still offering a high level of reliability, durability and performance.

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to superior customer service, providing each customer with the metallic cable gland that meets or exceeds their wire and cable application requirements. We stock an extensive inventory and offer quick response, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. Call today to see how we can help you.

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